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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alpha LipidTM Sleep TimeTM

Inspired by the discovery of a unique, natural milk that supports healthy natural sleep, our founding scientist's research revealed that the milk from certain cows had greater calming properties than other milk, believed to be associated with high levels of special proteins. A simple DNA test enables these cows to be separated from others.

Recognising the importance of this breakthrough, New Image identified herds of these select cows. Following collection, the milk undergoes a patented process to create this natural sleep support. The level of lactose - milks natural sugar, is also reduced to help with those that may have some sensitivity to lactose.

This special milk and the unique process results in a Unique Protein ProfileTM that has been clinically tested to support a natural and restful sleep.

The pure Sleep TimeTM milk powder is combined with a premium blend of Magnesium, Alpha LipidTM, Vitamin D and flavours and hermetically sealed in individual serve sachets. Enjoyed warm or cold, it is an ideal bedtime drink.


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